Etna Morning Tour

Morning Etna Tour, the most popular excursion of all those proposed by our agency, suitable for families but also perfect for couples or groups.

The Etna Morning Tour will take you on a discovery of the volcano, focusing on the most important aspects of its formation up to the present days.

Our environmental guides, who are passionate about the area, will fascinate you with Etna’s history already during the journey from your hotel or flat to the most beautiful paths on the volcano.

If you choose the Etna Tour in the Morning, you will be able to enjoy from the first light of day the spectacular scenery offered by “‘a Muntagna“, as it is called by its inhabitants, glimpsing the smoke from its summit, which ceaselessly silhouetted against the Sicilian sky.

In a nutshell
  • Departure from your accommodation for the free Catania-Etna transfer
  • Arrival at 2000 metres above sea level
  • Trekking among ancient and recent lava flows and inactive craters
  • Short break to recharge your batteries
  • Visit to a lava flow cave
  • Visit to the beautiful Bove Valley
  • Return to Catania with a baggage of unforgettable emotions
Full description
Once you have booked your Etna Morning tour, you will have a convenient free transfer at your disposal. We will pick you up directly at the hotel and take you along the volcano’s paths.On the way to the volcano, you will begin to learn about Etna’s geological history: our guides will explain how it was formed, the most important eruptions that have characterised it and determined much of its morphology today.
You will discover the fauna and flora that populate it, curiosities and secrets of Europe’s highest active volcano. Etna is not just a volcano, but a mythical entity, a living creature much loved but also feared by the inhabitants of the area, a reverential awe similar to that one might have for gods.

Reached 2000 metres above sea level, we will wait a few minutes to get used to the altitude, and then we will start with our first stage of the excursion, which involves a very suggestive, easy trek among the ancient and recent lava flows and inactive craters.

We will walk on the rocks of ancient lava flows that mark the territory, admire the patches of woods on the slopes of Etna (Pines, Chestnuts, Oaks, Beeches and Birches), and feel the living energy of the volcano flowing under your feet.

The second stage of the Etna Morning tour will include a visit to one of the lava flow caves, an unforgettable experience that you will live in complete safety and respect for the place.

The last stop will be the Bove Valley (Valle del Bove) where a breathtaking view of the black lava sea and eastern Sicily will fill your eyes with a feeling of immensity, all while tasting a good local wine offered by Etna Est.

The perfect end to an experience whose memories will remain in your heart for a long time.

So what are you waiting for? Book now your experience!

Useful Info
In order to avoid taking risks, it is a good idea to be fully aware of one’s own health condition and to present it when driving. Here are some notes on safety.

Pregnant women
Pregnant women who are more than three months pregnant are not permitted any type of hiking activity.

Heart problems, asthma and dizziness
All persons suffering from such conditions are advised not to undertake any type of hiking activity, whether at lower or higher altitudes.

Contact lenses
The use of contact lenses is prohibited on all hikes, but particularly on those leading to the summit area, due to the continuous presence of windblown volcanic ash.

At the guide’s discretion, excursions may be subject to variations or may be interrupted if weather conditions, environmental causes, or possible volcanic hazards represent any source of danger. It is also at the guide’s discretion to interrupt the excursion for any reason that may compromise the safety and therefore the physical integrity of an individual or the entire group.

€ 59,00

(€ 49,00 kids up to 12 yrs2 anni)

Duration: 8:30 – 14:30

Free return transfer Catania-Etna

Height difference: 100m

Easy route

Fee includes

  • Insurance
  • Guide for the entire hike
  • Helmet and torch for visiting caves
  • As much as cheduled

Recommended equipment

  • Appropriate shoes (on request we provide hiking shoes free of charge)
  • Windproof jacket
  • Water (indispensable!)
  • Hat
  • Sweatshirt
  • K-Way