Summit craters at sunset

Reach Etna’s summit craters, on tours that will make you touch the sky, dominating the island landscape at the summit of Europe’s highest active volcano.

Definitely challenging excursions, but also highly valuable in terms of landscape and emotion.

You will reach the peak of the highest active volcano in Europe, the roof of Sicily: a truly intense experience in which you will face the force of nature and come close to the power of the volcano.

These excursions are not for everyone, but you only need to be moderately trained to enjoy our tours to Mount Etna’s summit and take an unforgettable experience back home from your trip to Sicily.

Our volcanological guides, experts in the area and the history of the volcano, will be at your side during the cable car or 4WD bus ascent and summit trek, so you won’t have to worry about safety.

Surely these are the most thrilling excursions offered by Etna Est and are waiting for you to lead you to the summit for a unique and powerful experience!


Full description
Start at 2:30pm at the bar “La Terrazza dell’Etna” (map).

After a short briefing with the guide, we’ll start the excursion. We’ll take the cable car (€. 50,00 p.p. for the not include ticket) from 2000 m to 2500 m a.s.l.

We’ll start the trek that leads us at the base of the summit craters, 3000 m a.s.l. (maximum accessible altitude due to the municipal ordinance) crossing expanses of volcanic sand and recent and old lava flows.

Reaching the base of the summit craters, we’ll see the suggestive and unique background in the whole world, where you can perceive the greatness of this incredible volcano.

Using the torches, we’ll continue the descent to the starting point. The city lights will be the final background of this emotional and fantastic experience.

Useful info
In particular for this type of excursions, Etna Est guides have the authority to make changes to the excursions or stop the tour at any time if safety conditions are not good enough due to weather or possible volcanic hazards.

In order to avoid any risk, it is good to be fully aware of your health conditions and inform your guide about them. Here are some important notes regarding safety:

Pregnant women who have passed the third month of pregnancy are not allowed any kind of hiking activity.

For anyone with heart problems, asthma and dizziness, any type of hiking activity is not recommended, whether at lower or higher altitudes

For all hikes but especially those leading to the summit area, due to the continuous presence of windblown volcanic ash, the use of contact lenses is forbidden

The excursions may, at the guide’s discretion, be changed or interrupted if weather conditions, environmental causes, or possible volcanic risk pose any source of danger.

It is also at the guide’s discretion to stop the excursion for any reason that may compromise the safety and thus the physical integrity of an individual or the entire group.

€ 60,00

(+ 50€ cable car) – MAX 20 PAX GROUPS

Endurance: 14:30 – 20:30

Bar “La terrazza dell’Etna” (Mappa)

Height difference: 500/600m

Challenging route

The quote includes

  • Insurance
  • Guide for the duration of the excursion
  • Trekking pole
  • Anything expressly provided for in the program

Recommended equipment

  • High-necked hiking shoes
  • Trekking poles (rental available on site)
  • Rock helmet (free rental available)
  • Spare T-shirt
  • Long pants (recommended)
  • Pullover and windbreaker (k-way)
  • Backpack (10-20L)
  • Gloves and cap (recommended)
  • Sunglasses (recommended)
  • Sunscreen (recommended)
  • Water, at least 1.5L
  • Snacks and packed lunch